Cleanroom Pants (Reusable)

Cleanroom Pants are produced from fabrics which are antistatic and particle-free polyester, polyamide and carbon fiber mainly premium quality fibers. It has features of high resistance to chemicals, high particle filtration, and long-term resistance to wear. It is used in medical areas, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, in sterile production areas, in chemical production, and in the assembly of electronic products. In order to minimize the contamination of the manufactured products, microbes and particles that may come from the operators, it is necessary to use clean room clothes, the production of which requires special sensitivity. It is manufactured in accordance with international contamination control standards. They are particle blocking clothing with anti-static. Our clothes offer comfort in wearing.

Clean room Pants are also called sterile field trousers, dust-free room breeches, clean zone pantaloons, white room pants.

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Model Options:

The product is intended to be a reusable low-linting pants with knitted ribs or metal snaps fastenings at the ankles, elasticated on waist and (on request) pockets.

Suitable Classes : ISO 4 , ISO 5 , ISO 6 , ISO 7 , ISO 8
Origin : Made in 100% Turkey
Color Options : White , Grey , Green , Light Blue , Sky Blue , Royal Blue , Navy
Fabric Type : 5mm x 5mm grid carbon fibers
Fabric Weight : 100 ~ 120 gr/m²
Washable/Launderable : Yes (the washing instructions recommended by the supplier must be followed. !)
Reusable : Yes
Steam Sterilisation Autoclavability : 100 times , (134° C , 5 min.)
Gamma Sterilisation : Yes.

Sectors :
Medical, Medical Device, Semiconductor, Electronic, Aerospace, Automotive, Laser, Defense, Nanotechnologies, Pharmaceuticals, Mechatronics, Precision Application and Device Developers, Food

  • It is made of special yarns for minimum particle release.
  • 100% Turkish made, from fiber to yarn production.
  • Custom production for you.
  • Discount on bulk purchases.



Our cleanroom clothes are produced with special sewing machines and special sewing techniques with the aim of minimum particle leakage !

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