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CleanroomMarket® is the biggest manufacturer of reusable and disposable cleanroom garments, antistatic sterile area clothes.

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CleanroomMarket® cleanroom and laboratory clothes are 100% Turkish domestic production and are produced by experienced textile engineers, technicians and workers from fabric production to product design, from sewing and clothing processes to delivery to the end user.

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We offer CleanroomMarket® Cleanroom Clothing to our customers at the most affordable price by using human labor and machine resources in the most efficient way and producing the desired product in the highest quality in Turkey. We share the pride of being a experienced manufacturer with you, our valuable partners.

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The most valuable product for our company is our quality. It reflects the prestige and experience of our company. All of our units work together to increase our quality and ensure customer satisfaction. Increasing the quality of CleanroomMarket® Cleanroom Area and Laboratory Clothing is our most important goal.

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Blended with many advanced technologies, CleanroomMarket® Cleanroom Clothing produces the most suitable clothes for your company with multiple model options, 10 years of technical textile experience and special solutions for every sector.

Human poses the greatest risk for pollution in the clean room. Special cleanroom clothing developed for contamination control is absolutely essential. It is a high priority of clean rooms and controlled environments to protect products from contamination. What is meant by contamination here is to completely cut off the hair, hair, dandruff, piece of skin, sweat drop and (too small to be seen) dust, lint, fiber and particles on the personnel who will work, from the clean room.

The work done is so sensitive that it has to be taken into account that such a substance that will fall from the working personnel to the working environment will reduce the quality of the produced product and may cause serious damage to the working electronic and mechanical devices. Putting cleanroom clothes in the category of casual work clothes is a huge mistake.

Any movement made by the staff in the clean room produces millions of living and non-living particles. It is a fact that the pollution that will occur is not only limited to the airflow system and facility design.

Cleanroom clothing must meet certain specifications.

These are ;

-> It will not shed particles in any way,
-> Nice stitching to prevent abrasions,
-> Suitability for disinfection of clothes and sterilization,
-> Good ESD feature,
-> Stamina,

Features such as design types, color and comfort should not be the focus of the clothing, but should be kept in the second or third plan!

Some areas of clothing are more susceptible to contamination. The garment to be used in the clean room can be provided with a state-of-the-art, multi-filament fiber woven fabric with small pores, which will contain all the features of ESD. The purpose of the small-pored fabric is to prevent the pieces of skin to be spilled from the body and the pieces of fiber to be broken from the underwear to spill out. A spare should always be kept in case the filter function has been exhausted. For a particular class of cleanroom, there is no standard clothing system. Industry-specific requirements, as well as cleanroom class, should be taken into account when selecting the appropriate cleanroom clothing. The garment system should be planned in advance.

The most suitable clothing concept should be selected according to the following criteria.

Starting position: A careful analysis of the needs should be made.
Company characteristics: Factors such as working area, working method and product protection should be considered.
Clothing selection: When deciding on a clothing or overalls, clothing that dissipates heat and static electricity should be selected.
Special underwear: It should be worn to minimize the amount of particle reduction and to reduce the biological load.

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